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Welcome to!

Hi, my name is Cyndall, welcome to my site. I do not like the term 'psychic' in the least, as it sounds supernatural. What I do is as natural as any of your other senses, I just worked to develop mine. I encourage you to do this as well. Life is what you make it, why make it drab?

If you want a good reading, please be open, calm, and have your questions ready. I work much faster. I do not need a background and prefer not to have one. I have found that if you have a reading, especially an in-depth one, you should not have another for a few days. 

I do like to have what I am saying confirmed, so if I say, "he has sunflower seeds all over his truck" and you know this, please confirm it, it helps me to dig deeper. I am honest, and do not like giving bad news. If you get a 'no' and were wanting a 'yes' ask if this CAN be changed and if it is  in your highest good that it be changed. Because so many of my predictions happen for clients, some start to feel that I 'make' them happen. Not true, there is no way I would want that responsibility.

I use your guides in my readings and have learned that no two readings are ever the same. Some are thrilled you chose me to read for you and will take advantage of this time to yell at you. Some yawn and look so bored that I know this person spends a lot of time calling psychics. Most are just cooperative and answer questions readily. Always trust your own intuition and make your own decisions. This is your life after all.

Please read my articles, as I grow, I write additional articles, so check back.Please visit my sister sites by clicking on the appropriate banner below.

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