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As you learn, you become accountable for your knowledge. Spirit will let you know what to do or what not to do. I often tell clients to “Let Go”, they try it halfheartedly and are amazed when things start happening. Some then go right back to dwelling and nothing happens so they “Let Go” halfheartedly once more. They are dismayed when NOTHING happens this time. Why did nothing happen? Well for one thing, we let go in faith, to show trust in a higher power, not to manipulate the situation. This is not a game.

This is a LIFE LESSON. Stop and examine yourself and your motives. Where and in whom are you putting your faith? Do you have faith? Do you have a relationship of any sort with God? Are you afraid of him? What is your concept of God? Is it like a Santa Claus who rewards you when you are good, and gives you heaps of coals when you are bad? You may have had reading after reading and nothing has happened. Then out of the blue, everything starts happening. You get excited and start taking notes, you LIVE for your predictions. WRONG, do this and things stop happening. You wonder what happened to your psychic, he/she used to be so reliable. Now take a few minutes and look at what you learned along the way, you are now accountable for your knowledge. It is so wonderful to hear “It all happened just like you said” I love that as much as anyone would.

However it is WRONG to base your life on what a psychic tells you. We see the probabilities and tell you how to attain it. At some point, you have to start CREATING your life and making things happen for yourself. Just as a parent will clean the toddler’s bedroom for them, as they age, the child picks up their toys, later clothes and by the time they are about 10, they should be cleaning their own room and doing their own laundry, and when they do not do this, they live in a pig sty, get grounded, wear dirty clothes, and generally it is because they are lazy.

So if life has slapped you lately, you may want to really look at yourself. Are you using the knowledge you have been given? Are you practicing it? I do not think we should ever kick ourselves for our past, we do not have to do that, spirit will kick us quite hard until we are ready to see just why these sad events occurred. Calmly look at it and change it. Make and effort and ask God for help.

I believe that it is dangerous to try to manipulate spirit, even when you tell yourself you have the highest reasons and that you have no hidden agenda. Spirit KNOWS, there is no hiding agenda’s from spirit.

I am often asked why we do affirmations then? We do it for ourselves and no other, we cannot change anyone but ourselves, and to try to do so is wrong. If you do not love, honor, and respect yourself, how can you expect another to do so? If you let yourself go and quit taking care of yourself, why would you expect another to care for you? The outward reflects the inward, take a good look around you, then look in the mirror.

Watch the words of your mouth. Words have power. I learned this the hard way, I got into a habit of saying “so and so was a pain in the butt, cleaning this room was a pain in the butt”. I used that phrase over and over. One day while boating on the lake, I decided to ride the tube and hurt my tailbone, I could not sit comfortably for months. I moaned and whined constantly, never even bothered to ask spirit why I was in so much pain. One day after my whiny prayers, I just KNEW why this had been allowed to happen. I changed my words fast, soon after the pain was gone for good. Habits are hard to break.

What words are you speaking about yourself? Your boss, your kids, your relationships? Change your words and change your life. If you find yourself in a rut change everything, rearrange your furniture, watch new TV programs, get some books, and most of all STOP talking about your situation to friends and family, why get even more negativity attached to the situation? Be accountable for your life, your words, your actions. Then watch how much fun life becomes.


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