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We have been taught that feeling anger is not something NICE people do. Those urgent, often scary feelings of wanting to kick or break something makes us feel out of control. So we hide the feelings, repress them, medicate them, and deny to ourselves we have this feeling.

The feeling of anger is meant to be listened to. It is a like a diary, it tells us what we have experienced and what we have hated experiencing. Anger is a useful tool. We see exactly where our boundaries are. It tells us changes are needed, now. Use your anger to do what you need to do to move away from the situation, or change it.

“She forgot to call again” anger is telling you that this person does not honor who you are, or care about your feelings.

“He accused me of something I did not do…….again!” anger is telling you that you can no longer tolerate having to justify your every action.

“She lied to me, once again” anger is telling you that you can no longer tolerate a relationship that has you always guessing about her honesty.

“I got a ticket because my tags expired” anger is telling you to stop procrastinating.

In fact, anger is almost always a message to us. Listen carefully to it.The feelings of anger are not nice feelings, never sweet and gentle, however the messages are always revealing. Boredom, apathy, and depression are useless emotions. Anger is like a fuel, it ignites the need for CHANGE in our lives. It tells us changes are needed for our own best interests, that we can no longer get away with our old life, we need to destroy portions of the old life. That we gave our power away to another. Next time you feel this emotion, instead of becoming angry that you are angry, LISTEN to what it is trying to tell you. Anger is not meant to be acted out, it is meant to be acted upon.


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