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The Dark Side of Calling Psychics

We have all heard about this and most of us have read some very good articles about it. We know that calling a psychic is fun and easy. Instant answers to life’s really big questions.

After months of searching, and literally thousands of dollars later, you finally find a psychic who can read you and best of all, their predictions happen. You stop calling daily and get your calls down to just 3 or 4 times a month. You are no longer taken in by psychics who meditate for you or light a candle for a fee or promise to do spells for you. You are feeling pretty good about life. You have stopped dwelling and actually understand why it worked. You are spending less money on readings than ever before, you are happier, you feel more in control of your own life, your power is back where it should be. So, what’s wrong with this picture?

Take a deep have become nothing more than a fat little baby. Your spiritual tummy can’t take too much, one day a week you get your spiritual lunch.
You have learned all the ‘terms’ of this new language they seem to speak. You can talk the talk as well as anyone. What’s wrong with this? You are still relying on another for insight into YOUR life. You listen to another when it is time to be listening to your own intuition. You are asking “What will happen next?” instead of creating your future. You are lazy. Somehow you cannot get past Junior High in your spiritual thinking.

It’s now time to start walking the walk. “Why should I have to work, when it is so easy to call my psychic and get all my answers?” Because you are in a GRACE period of life and we can answer your questions. However this grace comes with a price tag attached and that price is to just grow up. If not, you will soon find no one’s predictions happen for you, not even the silly predictions. This is a natural progression. You have not done anything wrong, it is just time to start creating your life the way YOU want it to look.

I have clients that everything happens for, big and small things. They get hooked on calling me. It’s great to hear what nice things will happen and even better to find out the not so nice things so they can pray it out. They are growing and life looks good. The day comes that nothing happens for them. Everything is backwards. They try other psychics and the same happens. They are now accountable for their own life and own growth.

The answer is that it is time for this person to take life into their own hands and start creating and manifesting it for themselves. This fat little baby is growing up. In an ideal situation, this person starts reading and praying and growing, they start seeking God for the answers. Instead of it all being about another person, it is all now about them.
They call that favorite psychic back and everything happens again. There is now a change in the questions they ask, instead of “How does so and so feel about me?”, they are saying “I am changing, where do I go from here?”

It’s like one of those big coloring books, you now get to color all those pictures and make life the way you want it. How do you do that? This series of articles will show you how. We cannot do the work for you, we just show the way and hope you will follow for a bit, then find your own path.


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