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Eating Crackers In Bed

soul tiesThis subject is about sex. So many of my clients (male and female) have sex without love or commitment. It’s more a recreational romp to pass time. Spirit has shown me when we have sex, we create soul ties with the other party. The more sex, the stronger the tie.

Even though we jumped into this casually, without really considering whether this person is really who we want and if they can provide a good emotional support for us we start ‘needing’ this person. We think we fall in love and the truth is we have a soul tie not a love tie. This is painful and messy. Your brain is screaming “This is not the one” and your ego is screaming “I want this person”.

So many people have lost respect for themselves and definitely don't understand that by doing so they are creating their own rejection. Loneliness is not an excuse to disrespect our bodies and our souls. I am a huge believer that our main commitment is to ourselves and that it is very easy to be committed when things are right but it only really counts when things are really bad. Breaching that commitment to ourselves brings rejection, pain and more loneliness and then we breach it again… and the circle goes on deeper and deeper.

I also think that putting physical pleasure before self-respect only creates more pain. It is not that we are old fashioned it is about making sure that we are giving the gift of our bodies to a person that is going to accept it with more than just temporary pleasure in mind.

(This paragraph is so true and was written by a very wise client). Imagine a cord between you and this person, now imagine them having a cord with another person who also has cords with another and that person has cords with another 2 or 3 people. Soon you have this huge tangled mess and cannot think clearly. You are literally tripping over cords everywhere you go. This is why I call this eating crackers in bed, it’s a lot of fun while you are doing it but later you have a huge mess to clean up. Think before creating a mess.


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