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I first heard this term from my friend Cristin (mysticwonder), she was teasing me about being a dweller (I WAS). I was a brand new psychic and she was so friendly. I had so many questions and was worried about doing my job, right. She teasingly accused me of dwelling on my job. I then noticed my habit of doing that very thing. Worrying about simple things and dwelling over the more major things in my life. I would give my problem to God, and then sit back and tell him how to handle it. If it seemed he was slow in handling it, I would take it right back from him. What an unnecessary burden I was carrying.

Just what is dwelling? Dwelling is when you cannot take your mind off a person, thing or event. You obsess over this and it is always in the back of your mind even when busy.

You call psychics to find out the final outcome and get mixed reports. Nothing but small predictions happen. The timeframe keeps getting pushed further and further and honest psychics are telling you not to dwell. What can you do? The best thing to do is to get as busy as you can and do whatever it takes to take your mind off this. Letting go freely and completely. Why is dwelling harmful to yourself and your situation? It is a bit like a phone, when you are always calling out, no one can call in. Your line is always busy.

You can tie up that line for so long that your number becomes unavailable. No one can call you, not even the one you would like to call you. In fact, they just seem to know intuitively that your line is busy and do not even bother to try to call.

We have connections with everyone in our lives. When it is a love based relationship, Spirit has shown me a cord/tube that runs between two people, if you are dwelling, it is like you are holding onto the tube so tightly that you are cutting off oxygen and literally choking the life out of this situation. LET GO. As long as you are choking and/or tugging on this connection NOTHING will happen. The other person ‘feels’ the tugging and gets complacent in this situation. When you let go, they feel as though something is ‘missing’ and start to tug for themselves. This is why you may hear psychics tell you to LET GO. We do not ‘let go’ to manipulate the situation, we let go in faith knowing that a Higher Power IS in charge. Knowing that this Higher Power knows what is best for us and knows what timing is best for your own situation.

If you are wondering if you are a dweller, you probably are. Do not panic, everyone dwells on something or someone, at one time or another. Forgive yourself, forgive anyone else involved and move on with your life. Never wait for anything or anyone. Get out, meet new people, change old habits. Open yourself to change. Look for it. Make dates with yourself, go places . Do things for others. Organize a place in your home that is cluttered. This is so important. When you feel down, do something for yourself, get a manicure, pedicure, get rid of old clothes. The outward is often a reflection of the inward.

If you think that the person/thing/event can make you happy, you are wrong. We have to be happy in and of ourselves first. Yes we can have the day of being down and depressed, but it is wrong to assume that our lives are controlled by our emotions. Emotions can LIE. How many times have we assumed we knew what another was thinking or doing and let that make us miserable? We feel silly when we find out we were wrong about the situation. That we had allowed our own fear thoughts dominate our emotions. We have to learn to RESPOND to situations and stop REACTING. We have to stop letting fear have dominion in our lives.

FEAR IS: False Evidence Appearing Real.

Nothing in your life is more important than your own growth and sometimes the universe will use these times to wake you up. So before you spend thousands of dollars seeking to hear what you want to hear, stop for a minute and just imagine that God has something better in store for you. I firmly believe we are put on this Earth to be over comers. To learn to create our lives, to learn to love God, our world, and the people who inhabit it. We can change our mourning into dancing. We can manifest our happiness. No one wants to keep repeating lessons, so look at your situation, learn from it so you never have to go through it again. We all get our own personal WAKE UP calls.


  • Examine the situation you are calling about, what is the lesson here?
  • Have you ever had this lesson before?
  • Do you want to go through this again?
  • Did you give up your personal power and allow another to have it?
  • Did you ‘forget’ yourself and stop taking care of yourself?
  • Did you lose your own sense of identity?
  • Are you second guessing your own decision making skills?
  • Are your friends tired of hearing about this crisis in your life?
  • Have you been tempted to manipulate this situation?

Crisis times are evaluating times and only you can do this for yourself. Stop waiting, get on with life.

Honor yourself by loving yourself.

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