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Dwelling #2

So many people have said they do not understand dwelling or how to let go. When you care about someone, you form a bond with them, even if it is one-sided, there is still a connection. For want of a better word, I will call this connection a ‘radio signal’. When you want something from someone, and think of it often, you are sending signals to them. If you are dwelling on this, they get signal OVERLOAD and pull away……..they turn the radio down or even off. You then feel the pulling away and tend to push even harder. You send more signals. STOP. Anyone who is pushed feels a natural reaction to pull away. What can you do? Pull away yourself. Quit sending those pushy signals and focus your attention on YOU. Usually the other responds by wanting your attention. It may take time if you have been very pushy. Most people do not think they are pushy at all. The person who has been pushed however, may feel like they have been not just pushed but shoved.

We are not human bulldozers. Stop bombarding them with your thoughts, feelings, meditations, phone calls, and any stalking methods. Why should they even desire to seek you out when they have a ‘radio’ playing in their head with your messages loud and full of static all the time? Turn the signals off.

If you want attention from them, make a REAL effort to stop thinking of them, focus on anything else. The person will notice a new peacefulness when they think of you and will want to communicate. No one wants noisy static on a radio. They immediately turn the radio off and after several attempts at playing the radio, only to get a loud voice and lots of noisy static, they turn it off and buy a new radio. Who can blame them?

Dr. James Dobson has a book “Love Must be Tough”. In this book is a finger diagram, please read it. Sanaya Roman also has a book, “Personal Power through Awareness”. Read the chapter on telepathy, in fact read the whole book, it is amazing. If you ‘wait’, you just get more ‘waiting’. Take care of you, feel good about yourself, love yourself.

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