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Dwelling Part 3 (Panic Attacks)

First of all let me say I am surprised there is even more to say about this subject. I have been noticing a trend with clients who are dwelling and trying not to dwell. Panic attacks seem very common. There are two types of them. One happens when you dwell and start feeling sorry for yourself and indulge in sad and morbid thoughts about your situation. You work yourself into a mode of panic and have a difficult time getting out of it. This is something YOU do, you created this.

The other is very odd, you make an effort to NOT even think of the person you have been dwelling on and out of the blue, when very busy, you feel like you have been slapped in the face with a mini panic attack. “I was driving in heavy traffic, I was not even thinking of her but worrying that I would be late for my dentist appointment and BAM, all the sudden I start to panic about her”. “I was at a birthday party, laughing and relaxed, watching children eat cake and I felt like I got slammed with a panic attack, where
did that come from?” “I was grocery shopping, and intent on getting out of the store quickly, and I felt like I was socked in the tummy, I almost started crying in the store, this came out of nowhere”.

Everyone is somewhat telepathic. When we let go, we actually ‘free up’ the lines of communication.

Have you ever had that “I wonder how Mary is doing, I have not talked to her in a few weeks and should give her a call.” Then you think “maybe tomorrow”. In a split second, you tuned in and got that now is not a good time. You do not know why you decided to wait until tomorrow, you do not even think about it. Many times within hours Mary will call and you will say “Hey I was just thinking about calling you earlier, I waited until the kids left to go skating so we can talk without them interrupting us”. This happens all the time, we do not think about it at all. Random thoughts pop into our heads.

So when the panic attacks happen out of nowhere, that is usually the other person thinking of you. This is a great sign, although most of us interpret it wrongly and think that something is amiss. What to do at that moment? LAUGH or smile, understand what is happening and enjoy it. When they ‘feel’ you smile, they will have good thoughts about you and after a few of these episodes, they will want to communicate with you. They do not know you are smiling, they just feel good about you. They do not even think about it. So next time you get slammed with a panic attack that comes out of nowhere, think “YIPPEE” and start smiling. Then let it GO.

Try to not dwell, this speeds things up. Time and time again clients tell me how busy they got working fourteen hours a day, having no time to worry about their situation and it all happens, out of the blue. If you must dwell, think about the happy times, let it make you smile and feel happy, do not allow yourself to be go into the “I wonder if this will ever happen?” state of mind. If you must indulge in dwelling do it the right way. In June, no one is worrying about shopping for Christmas, we all know Christmas is coming and do not give it a thought, this has to be your attitude about your situation.

Moonangel656 has a great diagram on energy, she has given me permission to copy it here for you.
Thanks Amy!

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