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Empower Yourself

It is easy and fun to seek psychic help. Do not become lazy and look to a psychics for all your life questions. You have the ability and the means to get the answers for yourself. There are so many ways to do this. It does take WORK and TIME. Make your own life changing decisions, never allow anyone to do that for you. Never allow the need for anyone’s love or acceptance to cloud who you are.

Never give your power to another, God gave it to you and you alone. Learn to love yourself, accept yourself, forgive yourself. Grow. That’s why we are here. Forgive others, that has to be the best thing a person can do to make positive changes. Nothing ever comes without some work, be prepared to do it. There is no easy shortcut. Everyone is psychic, we all have intuition. We get that small nudge, that still small voice inside we tend to neglect because we tend to LOGIC it out, there is little logic in spirit. Spirit just knows.

One of my favorite life changing tools is affirmations. I have books of them. I SAY them out loud and to myself all the time. Another wonderful tool for creating the life you want is manifesting. I have manifested so many ‘things’ into my life that I stand in awe of the power of God. See my list of favorite books and URL’S on the net for more information.

If you ‘feel’ like you need to talk to a psychic everyday, be aware that there is something in YOU that needs fixing. Work on that. We all have crisis times and can use these times to better ourselves.

Crisis times are growth times. Remember that no person is worth being miserable over. Do not give your power over to another. Forgive that person(s) and move on with life. You are not responsible for another’s thoughts or actions.

Do NOT dwell on circumstances, people, things or events. That is the quickest way to shut down your own good.

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