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Gains and Losses

Sometimes we have to give something up in order to gain something better. We have to be willing to show an active faith by letting go of a person or situation that is not meeting our needs.

We want the perfect loving mate who is calm, stable, emotionally available, financially secure, one who gives affection.............. without giving up who we are or even noticing what we want is not what we are. We freak every time things do not go our way, we cry and panic, we go shopping and run up our credit cards to make us ‘feel’ better and happily withdraw our affection from him if he has not lived up to our exacting standards.

We desperately cling to ‘Joe’ knowing that Joe is not right for us and yet we cannot seem to let him go because we might then be (gasp) ALONE. And what about the time and effort we put into Joe? He looks so much better with his hair cut and he is no longer wearing those wrinkled jeans and those disgusting tee shirts with beer slogans on them. He is now almost what we had hoped for. Well closer anyhow. Spirit shows us that with our hands full of Joe, another is not even allowed to enter the picture. We have no time, no space and our hands are already full.

We still believe in fairy tales and imagine some wonderful Prince coming to wake us from our sleep with a kiss, or slay the dragons for us. From old time Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty, Rapunzel, to the newer Sleepless in Seattle and Pretty Woman...we await the man of our dreams to rescue us and save us from our dull, boring lives. This is why these stories are called fairy tales and fantasies.

Sometimes we have to lose something in order to get better. When we lose something through our own machinations we at least feel we had the element of control over the situation. Sometimes Joe just leaves and we feel such deep disappointment and such a huge loss, not seeing

that new and better cannot enter when our hands are full. It seems to be a rule of life that we cannot get anything new without a loss of some sort. If we really want to gain, sometimes we have to let go and have empty hands for a bit. We slowly come to understand that only we can rescue ourselves. We have to change in order to attract who we want.

So we want a man who is good with money, yet we have 20 thousand racked up in credit card debt. We want a man who is not emotionally constipated, yet we cannot let go and allow ourselves to love freely, without expectations, because we were hurt before. We want the man who loves us for ourselves and not our looks and yet he wears an ugly Hawaiian print shirt and we do not go to dinner with him until he changes because someone might see us out with THAT. We want a man who is totally faithful but we flirt with the cute UPS guy and wonder if he will ever ask us out. We want a man who won’t forget our birthday or other important events but our engine blows up because we did not get the oil changed when we were supposed to.

The law of attraction states we all vibrate and attract to us what we vibrate. In other words, we get what we put out there. What are you attracting? Is it any wonder you have good old Joe?

When you are in vibrational harmony with whatever you desire the Universe will find endless, creative ways to bring it to you. This vibration cannot have fear attached to it. In a relationship you cannot focus on what you want and then walk away saying “I will never meet a mate like that because I drive an old jalopy and live on the wrong side of the tracks.” Whatever you are focused upon, no matter if real or imagined, whatever you are focused upon causes you to vibrate -- and that vibration is what the Universe accepts as your point of attraction. Look at your life, see what you have attracted and then make happy, positive changes to manifest what you desire.


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