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Prayer Works

Everyone has times in life of being down and feeling overwhelmed. Dark nights of the soul when it seems no one understands and God has skipped town. These are the times we see our greatest spiritual growth. No matter how many psychics you call, nothing can ever take the place of having God in your life.

In my own life, I have found when something terrible happens, it is a wake up call from God. I have not been paying attention. God will first shower us with sand to wake us up, when that does not work we get pebbles, then rocks and finally boulders. I am learning to pay attention to the sand. Boulders hurt.

When we pray, we should not pray prayers of lack or want. To say “I want” implies lack. Instead we pray in gratitude as though the situation/thing has already happened. Instead of saying “I need more money, love, friends“, whatever, we pray “Thank you God for giving me” in an attitude of gratitude. God knows our heart. His word says he answers our prayers before we can call upon him so thanking him in advance shows faith. We get what we pray for and an “I want” prayer gives us that, more wanting.

Forgiveness is very important, when we cannot forgive another for a hurt, a mistake, a wrong, we chain them as close to us as though there were actual chains. We get stuck in ruts. This is a sore spot for so many people who have been wronged or have perceived themselves as being wronged. We need peace.

I say “I forgive ________ and release him/her to the Holy Spirit” I mean it when I say it.

We often have “crazy makers” in our lives, the people who keep us agitated and in suspense so we wonder what their next move will be. We cannot have peace because they move from one crisis to another. If that is your case, pray them or the situation out. We cannot change others, how they see life or deal with life.

We can change ourselves and a fast way is to become less available to them. It is difficult when this is a loved one. You CAN do this.

Prayer is an wonderful communion with God. Some events are so painful, it is hard to pray, to know the words to say. At this time just open your mouth and ask for help in whatever form God chooses to send it.


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