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Predictions are not happening?

If your advisor (or several advisors) have given you predictions and the time frame just keeps stretching for yet another month, you may be dwelling on this too much. Sometimes we want something so much we cannot let go and let God move. This has happened in my own life and it was a lesson to trust God. When we are so bent on knowing just when and how this will occur, nothing will happen.

It was after I reached the “whatever God, it is up to you” point in my life, things started happening.
Sometimes much faster than predicted. Let go of your emotions regarding your prediction. Ask yourself why this is so important to you, can it be blocking your own growth? We are not meant to know everything. Surprises no one has foretold will happen. Let go, let it be OK if it does not happen. Mean it. Then get busy with life and stop dwelling and be amazed at how God can move.

I once had a reading, and right after the reading, I lost my notebook, (I take notes) Two months later I found the notebook and was so amazed, EVERYTHING happened. I could not wait to call again. This time I kept the notebook handy and nothing happened. Same psychic, it was my fault and the predicted things were great but not life changing, and I was not dwelling on it. I had an expectancy and thought about it often.

I have heard from my clients over and over again “I really did not believe you when you said ______and it happened”. This can create a real problem when something you really want so badly is predicted. Let it go. I have a client that everything happens for, when I tell her what I am seeing ,her attitude is “That’s great, it will happen when it happens”. It all happens. She does not dwell and when I tell her something she does not like, she says “I will pray that out”. She does. It is all in her attitude.

She trusts God/the universe. I have another client, everything happens for her but NEVER in the timeframe myself and others give her. When I say “This event will happen in 10 days”, we both laugh and say “ok double that timeframe” she has seen that things DO happen, she just does not worry about timing. Sometimes we hold on so tight we literally choke the life out of predictions.

Psychic reading can be fun, entertaining and amazingly accurate. We should never base our lives on them. We get so hung up on the timing, the when, the where, the how. The best thing to do is to get BUSY.

Cleaning out drawers and closets is a sign to the universe that we are ready to move on. The outward often mirrors the inward. I had ‘the closet from hell’ and after cleaning it out (it took 6 days) things started happening. Even now, when life seems a bit messy and I feel lost, I clean out a drawer, I organize it, make it neat and tidy, and my life gets neater and tidier. I get rid of old, unused stuff. Giving is awesome, it opens the doors for good to be given to us. How can we expect God to give us more when we have hoarded what we have been given? Make room in your life for abundance. Be open to anything God has to give you. It may not always be in the size and shape we expect. It is always the best.

Often in lives, when the terrible things happen, it is also a WAKE UP call from God to stop neglecting your own spiritual growth. Read, study, pray and above ask that your path be led in the right direction.

Maybe, just maybe, Liz or Leo is not the right one for us. Maybe God has another in mind. Be open to it. Pay attention to the small signs the universe is so free with. Make lists of the things you want. At the top of my list I have THIS OR SOMETHING BETTER and to my delight, I usually get something better than what I asked for. Eight weeks after making a list of things I wanted, I got the list out, of 24 things 18 had happened. Two of these things could have happened had I just done them and not been lazy, two more things I no longer wanted, and two will happen when I am ready for it. My lists are changing now, instead of wanting things I now have desires such as more time for myself, a renewed desire to paint, to understand healing and practice it. I also now have desires for loved ones in my life such as my kids and grandkids, Mom, sisters, brothers, nieces and nephews, and loved ones.

Making lists is a strong, positive way to show God, your guides, and the universe, exactly what you want. Just take that first step to DOING something positive. I can honestly say that this time of my life is the happiest ever. I have difficulties like everyone else, the difference is in me. My attitude has changed.

If your psychic starts nagging you to change, pay attention. Ask how, and then DO it. I had to go all the way back to childhood and forgive every person I could think of, and to my amazement more people kept popping up. I then forgave myself for all the wrongs I had committed. Then I studied manifesting. In four months my life had changed so dramatically. My deepest gratitude to Annie (Harmony2000) who cared enough to risk her ratings by YELLING at me, making me promise to read books, and being a light that shone bright enough for me to find my own way. A reading should empower you, it may not be exactly what you hoped for, pay attention.

Predictions Continued:

You can create whatever you want because the future is not preordained. When you change yourself, you change your future. Your future is determined by what you intend to create. Your guides can tell you what the probable outcome is based on NOW. We have learning experiences to go through and guides do not want to hinder our growth. Long term future is harder to predict because the number of paths you can take increases. This is often a probability as each decision you make, can change the probable outcome.

Guides would rather tell you how to create a better future, by guiding you to the highest vision of yourself and your potential, they can help you to create even more than you thought possible. One thing they cannot do is interfere with free will and the path that another may have chosen. If people’s lessons are taken away by predictions, they may have to set up similar situations to learn the same things. Some people go through situation after situation without learning their lesson. It takes effort to change inwardly so that the outside can change as well.

One of the most important lessons to learn is that we do not need another to be happy. It is wrong to assume it has to be THAT one. If THAT one is not making you happy now, take at good look at why.

Some people seem to assume because they have a lot of time invested in another, it is like a savings account and should be drawing interest. If your bank was taking money out of the account, you would soon find another bank. Some investments do not pay off. Be open to any possibility God/the universe puts in your path. Expect happy surprises. Expect the best for yourself, do not however think you can order the universe around like a servant. Believe that a higher power know what is best for you and is willing to show you how to get it.

Stop waiting for life to happen, take some steps, even if they are baby steps. Make positive changes In your life and environment.

Whatever you can do or dream you can, begin it; Boldness has genius, power and magic in it.

Johann Wolfgang von Goethe


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