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Looking for a Good Psychic?

Everyone is psychic! Yes, even you. Usually I get a reading to confirm something I already know. I base my decisions ONLY on what my own intuition tells me and not what anyone tells me. Remember that you have the ability to create your own life, a good psychic should empower you, not drain you. Never become dependant upon what you are told, if you do not like what you hear, change it.

You may talk to several before finding one who seems to connect to you. I have found that if I get an in depth reading, I need to wait at least 24 hours before getting another or I just get the same reading. Spirit has shown me that when I give a reading, I am ‘poking a hole’ in my client to read them. Some people call psychic after psychic to get read, and when I get them, they look like a giant colander, so full of holes they are difficult to read. After an in depth reading, relax for a bit and get on with your day.

I have had readings and have had that “This psychic is nuts” feeling. I have tossed my notebook away and forgotten it only to have it happen and be amazed at it. No reader is 100% accurate. Only God is. There are possible scenario’s and everyone involved has free will to change the outcome. I do this myself all the time. I get a prediction I am not happy about and I change the course by my actions and words. Predictions are tricky, we can be told that a date will be happy and then choose to start an argument and mess it up. You can be told that Liz/Leo is going to reenter your life in a month if you let go. You can then CHOOSE not to let go and mess this up as well. The important thing to know is that it IS your choice. If you are wanting a yes, and get a no, ask your psychic if there is anything you can do to change this. Ask if you should change this, is it in your highest good? If you psychic tells you that Liz/Leo is not in your highest good, ask why, and if they will ever be. If your reader sounds like he/she is reading from a script, hang up. If they ask you to wait on the phone while they meditate for you, or do candle energy for you, or rid you of ‘negativity’ with some ritual, understand you CAN do this for yourself. Your reader should not need time to ‘meditate’ on your question. If your reader has read well, but cannot get the answer to your question, be thankful they are honest, many times after moving onto another question, the answer comes. Many times thing we say to clients make sense only after they have had time to think about it, so take notes.

Timing is not easy, we live in a world of clocks. We live in a 3 dimensional world. Sometimes a week will be 4 days, or ten days. If you are dwelling on the outcome, stressing over it, it may not happen at all. Let go. I get my readings from a place where time is hard to measure. Sometimes all I see is a number, nothing else. Try not to be concerned so much about time, as overall accuracy. I have told so many clients that an event will happen this month, and have it happen on the last day of the month. This is frustrating for everyone. I think it is Spirit telling us to be calm and patient. Trust that a higher power has your own welfare in mind and a much better sense of timing than we do.

A psychic will never tell you what to do with major life changes. We may tell you that your body is lacking water, vitamins, even exercise. We cannot make you do a thing. If you ask “Is there anything my guides want me to know?”, be prepared to listen. I have had them say some in readings things that surprise me, from “you have to stop eating so much fast food” to laundry tips. Your guides have YOUR welfare in mind, more so than who you may be enquiring about. If you have a 'need' to hear what you want to hear from somebody, don't waste your money. Find out the underlying issues behind WHY you are so insecure and needy. That is more important then anything you may want. Remember we cannot always give good news as much as we would love to be able to do so. Honesty and integrity are very important. If you get a NO when you want a YES, try not to be angry about it. Your feedback is important to us. Nothing is written in stone, you can change your life.

Some tips to get a great reading.

1. Never lie to your psychic, nothing can mess up a reading as badly as this can. You get back what you give. Your INTENT is everything. Do not be embarrassed by what you tell us, most of us forget right away, anyhow.

2. Be relaxed and OPEN so we can read you, faster. Take notes, most of us will not remember what we told you unless prompted by spirit.

3. Never call when you feel sick, very depressed, or needy, This is a tough one. This is when you feel a need to call.

4. Nothing is written is stone, you have freewill, a mind, body, and a spirit to overcome any of life’s challenges.

5. Have your questions ready, be specific. Take notes. Many times thing make sense later. If you ask how Liz/Leo feels about you, you may get, “He/She thinks you are a spendthrift.” Not what you thought you were asking, so be as specific as possible.


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