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Ramblings (subjects that need clarifying)

Specific Questions: I get calls, “Tell me about Jack” I then get quiet and it takes a few minutes and I get exciting information such as : “He wants a new truck, he eats way too much fast food, he has filling in a tooth that is going to fall out”. The client then says “That’s not what I wanted to know, I know all that”. Then be as specific as possible. “How does Jack feel about me?” well this is better, however sometimes I get things like, “He hates the new perfume and wonders if you bathed in it”. The best question would be “Do Jack and I have the possibility for a long term, romantic, relationship?” Or even “Why hasn’t Jack called me for 3 weeks?” or “Should I just give up on this relationship and start my life again?” My answer is always “YES” to the last one, we never put our lives on hold for anyone.

Fooling Yourself: “If I stop dwelling, then I will stop caring, and there will never be a chance for us to work this out”. WRONG ….. As long as you are dwelling, there is no chance that this can be worked out. I have found that some people enjoy the dwelling process and seem to feel it is some sort of security blanket. They get furious when you suggest that their time and emotions could be put to better use. Personally, I have dwelled and been a champion at it. Clients are even encouraged to dwell by psychics. “Meditate on him and imagine him bringing you bouquets of flowers”. “Call him, every day, leave messages on his machine telling him how much you miss him”. “Drive by his apartment every day and imagine your car parked there”. Ok, think about this, does anyone need anyone so obviously needy in their life?

Manipulation: When we see no direct action we can take to change things, we feel helpless. Often this is the time we try to manipulate people. Stop and think about this before doing something drastic. You have to honor how another feels. You have to understand that even if you can manipulate them into doing as you wish, this is just a short fix. Calling, begging, pleading, stalking, crying, makes you devalue yourself and certainly looks pathetic to the other party. It is your INTENT that changes things, and your intent must be for your own good, making changes that are for you alone.

Not Seeing The Bigger Picture : I often see that God has great things for people, and they do not want it. It is like him offering them a Rolls Royce and they stomp their feet and yell “I want my rusty, broken down, untrustworthy, old Dodge back!” Imagine, just imagine, that He has something better to offer, something reliable, something beautiful. Many times when we let go and allow God to move he works miracles. Have you seen the movie “Grease“? That beat up, old car that gets transformed. Transformation takes time, so give it time.

I say over and over again that God does not create the crisis in your life, he does use that crisis to wake you up. It is not hard to have a relationship with him, just start talking to him on a regular basis. This does not have to be formal, just talk to him.

I hate having to give bad news to anyone, I always ask “Is there anyway to change this?” Usually I hear a YES and how to do so. However I cannot force anyone to do the work and most often it requires a lot of work. How much do you really want this Dodge?

Moving On: God speaks to us when we get quiet enough to listen and stop the mental “I want” voice in our heads. Often he uses others to talk to us. We hate our job and a stranger casually mentions that she is quitting her wonderful job to move to another location. A woman is thinking of going back to college and gets an booklet in the mail about the very school she was considering. We have saved for our dream vacation, and the money is just not quite enough, browsing the internet we find a special deal for a nicer resort than we had planned on staying at for half the price. There are times in life when we are in sorrow and sadness and it seems almost impossible to move on. In these times, pray for comfort and allow it to come to you. I pray for it and also for diversions, happy diversions.

Just Do It: When you are stuck, nothing is happening, you are down and depressed, you experience a feeling of powerlessness because you cannot see any direct action to take to alter this circumstance. Often just DOING something, anything, changes our mode of feeling like a victim. Personally, I can tell how my life is going by my spice cupboard. If it is neat and alphabetized, I know I am stressed. If the spices are haphazardly tossed in the cupboard, life is pretty good. My point here is that when we FEEL we have no power, control, and are victims of life, or another’s issues, we can get back our power by DOING something. I get mine back by being orderly. I am not normally a neat freak in the least. I clean closets and drawers and give away anything that no longer appeals to me. Old towels and sheets, old clothing, unused pots and pans. I create an order in the midst of chaos and soon my life follows. If even that has not worked, I can fruits and jams. Everything has always straightened out by the time I am through canning, but if ever it does not, I have a backup plan. I will go clean my son’s house and trust me here, I would have to be quite desperate to do that. Goethe says “Whatever you think you can do, or believe you can do, begin it, because action has magic, grace and power in it.” So when you have no idea what to do about the chaos in your life, start organizing the areas that you know you can fix. Take action, any kind of action, to get your power back.

Timing: I will not repeat what I have already said in my previous article. Sometimes I talk to a client and tell them, “Nothing exciting here for a month, you will get 3 contacts, the 1st will upset you so just blow it off, the next 2 are better, but nothing great until after the 3rd contact.” They get that first contact and FLIP OUT. They call crying and I wonder why. They were told it would not be good, and to blow it off. The next 2 will be better but still, nothing good for a month. Why not relax and sit back and enjoy the time? Another strange thing is when I get a CLEAR time, but when I open my mouth to say “This will happen on the 18th by 6pm” these words come out instead “This will happen by the 25th IF you let go.” The first few times this happened, I was anxious until the guides told me that this client would hold on so tight to the date that they would choke the life out of the prediction. Guides can be very direct and sometimes that seems rude. They went on to remind me of all the predictions made for me that never happened, and those that happened 6 months later because I dwelled. Guides have a knack for humbling you with what they know. Predictions happen, but guides are sneaky and usually they happen in ways we do not expect. Looking back, we see it happened just as we were told, however in a manner that was so different from what we had imagined.

Guides and Trust: Talk to your guides, they are NOT mind readers. Help them help you. You have to make some decisions and tell them what you want. They will not tell you what to do. They make suggestions, it is up to you to decide to follow them or not . Once I asked them WHY nothing was happening in my life. I then got this visual….Me at a restaurant and the waiter asking me what I wanted to drink, “Iced tea with lemon” I said, he turned to get it and I say “I would rather have orange juice” he turns to get that and I say “Wait I am dieting, I just want water”. This goes on and on and the waiter stands there patiently and I cannot decide. This was a humiliating visual. My guides seem to love this. So I made my decision and still nothing happened. Once again I asked why nothing was happening. They showed me myself, making jell-O (they use a lot of kitchen stuff for me) I put the hot jell-O in the refrigerator and every 5 minutes or so I was opening the door to look at it. It could not get cold enough to jell-O. I got upset and told them that I did not do that! I trusted. They then told me to watch, they would send me a sign. The next day I went into my kitchen and my 15 year old daughter (who thinks cooking is for slaves) was making jell-O. After almost falling over in sheer amazement, I asked “Jordan, why are you making jell-O?” She said “I really do not know Mom, I just had this URGE for jell-O”. She looked so puzzled and I slunk into my bedroom to say “Ok guys, I give up, you made your point”.


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