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Readings and Guides

Yesterday a prediction happened for a client. While that is something I usually hear almost daily, this one caught me by surprise. The time frame had come and gone several times. I would ask the guides for a time frame, get one, and then this client would dwell.... and admit it. I think I was much more excited about this happening than she was. Why? Because if I had to make that prediction of myself, I would have said Forget it, not going to happen Every time she would call and I was asked when? I would inwardly groan, ask the guides, they would tell me a date along with iF she stops dwelling and starts trusting, quite frankly, I was wondering about her guides timing. I never told her this, she already doubted and the guides were so SURE in that very composed, almost bored manner that they seem to have at times. I learned long ago, that my job is to listen and repeat what I hear, not try to understand it.

Here are some of the predictions that have happened.

Client: I want to know when I will see him again?
Me: Early Sunday morning, he will knock at your door.
Client: That's crazy he lives three hours away, why would he come see me? He never comes to see me.
Me: He is going to say he feels like eating a burrito.
Me: So clean your apartment.

This client did not believe me (I love it when they don't believe, it happens right on time) and she did not clean her apartment. That Sunday bright and early the doorbell rang and it was him. She asked what he was doing there so early, he said I felt like eating a burrito.

Client: (who was separated from her husband) When will I have sex again?
Me: Within 48 hours and his name is Ben.

This clients husband had a strange name and he called himself Ben to make his name easier to pronounce. I did not know this and was thinking to myself Sheesh, she is going to sleep with some guy named Ben, I know she loves her husband. 24 hours later they were back together. I had no clue what I was saying to her, she knew. I often have wondered why they just did not say your husband.

Client: When will I see him again?
Me: Within a week.
Client: That cant happen, I am in this country, he is in that country, and in three days I am going to yet another country for a business seminar. I am shaken up by this news .I ask her guides again and get a haughty look and another loud THIS WEEK.
Me: Your guides are saying this week.
Client: Thank you (clearly thinks I am a nut and hangs up)

A few days later I get an email from her, at the last moment he was also sent to the same seminar, and they saw each other 5 days later.

Client: (Thanksgiving time) I have not heard from him in months, will I ever hear from him again?
Me: You will be engaged to him at Christmas time.
Client: I will be in another country visiting my family at Christmas time.
Me: I see a Christmas tree and an engagement.

I did not get a date when she would hear from him, all I got was the Christmas engagement. He flew to meet her family and formally asked her father for her hand in marriage in the other country, at Christmas time.

Me: There will be a delay in you seeing him because he is going to be arrested for being drunk and disorderly at a bar.
Client: I find that hard to believe. When will this happen?
Me: Next month.

This DID happen, but it was 3 months late. I have no idea why. The guides shrugged when I asked. Timing seems to mean nothing to them.

Me: She is going to be publicly humiliated.
Client: What do you mean by publicly, and when will this happen?
Me: I just hear the words, I am not getting visuals, this will be so awful for her, she can change this if she changes her behavior. It looks like about 6 weeks.

This did not happen for another whopping seven months. It got to be a joke, everything else happened. The client would call and tease me with this one. When it finally happened (newspaper and tv coverage) I was in shock, so was the client.

I have found when clients call and get a prediction, it happens when they do not question it to death.

Me: He will come over on Thursday. Do not be pushy.
Client: Why is he coming over? What is he going to say? Will he say he is sorry for his behavior? Will he want to watch videos? Will he say he loves me? Will we have sex? Will he be happy with my new hair color? Will he mention it? Will he decide he wants me more than her? Will he explain what his attraction to her is? Will he want dinner? If I say this to him, will it make him think of that? If he responds this way, can I say this to him? He forgot my birthday, is he bringing a gift? If I tell him no sex, will he leave here and go see her? How often are they having sex? If she is so great, why is he still coming to see me?

By the time this call ends, I am exhausted. I am the fourth psychic she has called today. The guides are refusing to answer most of the questions and I am repeating "You will see him Thursday" again and again. The client has worked herself up into such a fever that when he shows up on Thursday, he stays ten minutes and leaves.

A gal with a very lovely, prim, voice called me about business and family matters. Right away her guides started sticking their tongues out at me. They were answering but I was having a difficult time looking at them. I was getting offended and very distracted.

As the call was winding up, they were pointing to their tongues and literally sticking them in my face. How do you tell a client she has the rudest guides I had ever seen? I finally said, By the way, the whole time we have been talking, your guides have been sticking their tongues out at me. She answered Oh good, that's a deal I made with them, they only do that if you are a real psychic.

My own sister: Am I going to hear from him this month?
Me: Yes, I already told you that.
Sister: You said I would hear from him two times.
Me: Yes, if you don't beat this to death.
Sister: There has to be a reason why I would hear from him.
Me: Shut up and stop asking.
Sister: Ok.
Me: Gosh...... LET THIS GO.
Sister: Laughing...ok......ok. You sound grouchy, do you think you are going through menopause?

Well that was last week and she heard from him yesterday and today. She loves me and does not get offended when I yell. She knows I yell because I love her and want this to happen for her. She knows her final outcome is months away and she is not thrilled with that, but understands that God's timing is always better than what we may want now.


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