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Sex and Boundary Setting

This is a difficult subject to address. I talk to so many women who ask about their relationship and where it is headed. When I ‘look’ into the relationship, I see it is not much more than a ‘booty call’. It started out the right way. They dated, had fun, became emotional and intimate. Then somewhere along the way, he became busy and started dropping by for sex only. The dating, the laughter, the romance is gone. Now she is afraid that if she is unavailable to meet his needs, she won’t see him. She is also afraid she is nothing more than a sexual outlet and if she does not provide that for him, he may look elsewhere. She tries to justify this by saying she has needs as well. However, her emotional needs are not being met and after sex, she feels empty. At the risk of being crude, she has become nothing more than a McDonald’s drive through and she does not even get a ‘Happy Meal’.

So many relationships are nothing more than life lessons. If you do not learn from this lesson, you get to do it all over again. What is the lesson here? Honoring yourself, loving yourself, not being needy, and most of all deciding how this relationship should be. You do this from day one. This is not a lesson on “how to trap a man”. This is a life lesson on how to take care of you WISELY. Yes, your relationship is important, but if you lose sight of the fact that you are just as important, you will have an empty relationship, or none at all.

I know it seems silly, but when I look at relationships I see cakes. The cake is the base of the relationship, the friendship, the caring. The frosting is the love and the sprinkles on top are the sexual feelings. In some relationships, all I see is a plateful of sprinkles. In others, I see the cake but no sprinkles, in some I see the whole cake but it looks dried out and crumbly, neglected.

I was relieved when another psychic told me she was seeing cakes for relationships too. (Phew, thanks Cristin) This is spirits way of showing us quickly what the relationship is all about.

I could go on and on, however, there is a book that says it all. The title is meant to be humorous, not offensive. “Why Men Love Bitches” by Sherry Argov. This book is hilarious, and will show you how to set boundaries easily. Hopefully you can turn your McDonald’s experience into Burger King and ‘have it your way’.


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