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Synchronicity is wonderful. Those small signs from God that you are on the right path. It shows up unexpectedly in various ways that we do not expect.

  • The feeling you must talk to someone whose honesty and integrity you have long wondered about, and finding out the truth about them.
  • Feeling the need to go into a bookstore and finding just the book that helps you with a problem.
  • You think of an old girlfriend and have her call you to go to lunch the next day.
God speaks to us when we get quiet enough to listen and stop the mental “I want” voice in our heads. Often he uses others to talk to us.
  • We hate our job and a stranger casually mentions that she is quitting her wonderful job to move to another location.
  • A woman is thinking of going back to college and gets an booklet in the mail about the very school she was considering.
  • We have saved for our dream vacation, and the money is just not quite enough, browsing the internet we find a special deal for a nicer resort than we had planned on staying at for half the price.
Synchronicity is God’s way of showing us we are on the right path. It is also God’s way of being anonymous. We tend to dismiss these events as sheer coincidence.

C. G. Jung loosely defines synchronicity as “A fortuitous intermeshing of events“. We may try to discount this phenomenon, instead of seeing it as an intelligent and responsive universe acting in our interest.

We learn to create our good. It is so natural to create. We then understand that the Creator will hand us whatever we need to finish our good, we see useful bits of help everywhere in our lives. Be willing to see the hand of God, even as a friend who offers encouragement for your dream.

(Thank you, my much loved siblings and Kate, Richard, Cristin, Harmony2000 (Annie) , Cyndi, Denise, Amy, Debbie, and so many others.)

Expect the help and you will get it. Listen to your own intuition. Pray for help and watch for it to come in some of the most unlikely ways and from people you never expected help from. You may also get some of those AHA moments when everything falls into place. Synchronicity has many forms, be alert for them and be sure to thank God/ the Universe for them.

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